Unity, Environment Art, Blender, Substance Painter, Shader, VFX
Personal project going through the entire workflow of modelling, sculpting, texturing, shading, environment art, lighting and vfx. I wanted to recreate an entire scene environment based on concept art from Gabriel Yeganyan as a process of learning and trying out different workflows with Unity’s HD render pipeline. Entire scene is running real time with ray traced reflections. This is still a work in progress.

To create a more living environment subtle motions was added to break part the stillness. I wrote vert shaders to animate flag waving, vegetations swaying, whilst adding subtle environment FX such as dust and bird to add motion at different depth.

lighting played a big part in the visual story telling of the scene, looking at the origin concept art I imagined the environment to be in the alpine mountains surrounded by high cliffs and fort.

Environment Process

I began by using scanned assets for quick scene placement and blockout, and later modeled in blender for more specific assets, such as the portal, platform, and cliff structures, audience textures. All models were built in Blender and textured in Substance Painter. The terrain was sculpted using Unity's terrain tool.

Texturing & Modeling & AI

Low poly, High poly workflow using blender’s sculpting tools. Height and surface details (cracks) are later painted in Substance. For the gate’s paint/drawing, AI texture generation was used to create the organic alien like nature from the original concept art (prompt: alien coral, warm orange color inspired the film Nemo). The texture was layer manipulated in substance slightly with modifiers.

Water & Vegetation

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