Unity, Game Dev, Tech Art, AR
Hetu Cyberverse is a platform of mixed reality project that aims to create immersive multiplayer and social experiences. By utilizing precise VPS systems, it opens up opportunities for innovative gaming experiences. The project is still in development.

My production responsibilities include:
  • Shader/Material creation & implementation
  • VFX creation
  • Asset pipeline management
  • Editor tools creation (texture edit, asset referencing, UI animation library)
  • Animation State Machine design & implementation
  • IK system setups and implementation
  • UI logic scripting
  • Communication with outsourcing works

Demo Video

Shader FX & Character IK & FSM

Paint material shader development. Low res render texture mask are updated and projected for inked surfaces. Stylized FX explosion and sprays shader, with dynamic mesh deformation using Megafier.
State Machine design, with multilayer animation blends for different avatar body parts (upper body, arm, etc). Bone retargeting. Basic IK system setup for character aiming.  C# scripting for basic animation framework (integrated within our player framework).

Frame capture with RenderDoc from emulated Splatoon3. We used a more basic approach for faster demo development purposes.

UI Logis & AR Adjustments

Developing UI logics and prefabs through C# scripting, interface and class inheritance design duo to different game mode needs. AR material and animation adjustment for first person view.

Environment Optimization & Asset Pipeline Management

Environment optimization for large outdoor scenes, lighting and baking. Mesh optimization and material optimizations.
Asset management (naming conventions, folder structure).
Editor tools creation, asset referencing finder, texture adjustment tool, UI animation tools.


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