Tags: Interactive Installation, Mixed-Reality, Data Visualization

Tools: Unity, Raspberry Pi

Credit: Studio Above&Below
Even if the air looks clear, it is certain that you will inhale tens of millions of solid and liquid particles, travelling from one side of the planet to the other. These ubiquitous specks of matter are known as aerosols, which are invisible to the eye, however not invisible to human lungs. Digital Atmosphere investigates a future in which clear air may be a reality through giving nature a voice.

Digital Atmosphere is an Augmented Reality experience. The piece looks at how technology and art can illuminate the quality of our air, usually invisible to the naked eye, and bring us an urgent step closer to a sustainable, zero-emissions future. At a time when the safety of our air is at the front and centre of our public consciousness, this digital installation is a timely technological and artistic endeavour.

Using cutting-edge digital and sensory technology, the Augmented Reality sculpture’s Atmo Sensor picks up the invisible change of air quality of the immediate environment, which is translated into an evocative visual simulation, visible to the viewer through the AR headset.

VFX & Flocking Particle System

Custom particle system built with flocking algorithm (alignment, separation, cohesion). Boids contains avoidance with the virtual version of the physical installation, creating dynamic motions around the installation when viewed in AR. Flocking variables driven by air pollution data received through RasberryPI.

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