Tags: Interactive Installation, VR, Data Visualization

Tools: Unity, Oculus Quest, C4D

Credit: Studio Above&Below
The dynamics of weather and atmospheric forces play a crucial role in the changing cycle of stones, a process known as "weathering." In the VR experience "Geological Performers," visitors enter an alternative time capsule that allows them to perceive dynamic changes in different weathering processes, influenced by real-time weather data. These changes are usually imperceptible to the naked eye, as they occur over time.

Inspired by Berlin's weather, visitors can experience different atmospheric pockets representing types of weathering processes that impact the generative forms and digital materials of virtual stones. External real-time weather data enters the virtual indoor space, being transformed into parameters such as movement, speed, forms of computer graphics, and cracks - tangible to the visitors through the phantasmagorical time capsule. The experience creates a sensitivity for the active change of matter, which is constantly happening around us, shaping the past, present, and the next million years: stones around us are active and alive.

Custom shaders were developed to build the interactive surface material, drawing live data from a web API to control different parameters. Flow maps were used to mimic the weathering process of each individual stone. The simulations of fragmentation were generated in C4D, pre-baked, and played back in real-time.

Shader & Material

Photo scanned rock asset remeshed and unwrapped using instant-mesh and C4D. Custom fracture pattern and animation was simulated based on the rock’s decay type. Flowmap texture was hand painted and used within a custom flowmap shader combined height based dissolve effect. Floor fog using UV scrolling.

Environment & Lighting

VR environment modeled based on real world museum interiors.

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