Tech Art, Pipeline, Shader, Snowdrop
I worked on the development of the China version of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.

My main responsibilities include:
  • Creating key shaders for vanity skins, characters, and props on PC platforms
  • Validating asset pipeline and develop automation tools.
  • Prototyping and researching new live content
  • Providing documentation and training for artists
  • Optimized and profiled levels for new level content, resolved rendering issues

Shader Materials

I developed some of the key shaders used in our character assets, and readjusted many old shaders to better fit CN version art direction needs.

Fully customized eye shader I made for Chinese new year event, some key features include:
  • Fake eye refraction using parallax occlusion mapping with clearcoat shading
  • Polar coordinate UV scrolled texture animation
  • Fully procedural pupil shape and dilation effect
  • Emissive and AO

Asset Pipeline Validations & Tool Creation

Responsible for the validation of new character vanity assets, this include: texture memory, mesh tri count, shader usage, naming and folder conventions etc.
Created and maintained validations tools using python, to speed up and automate validation processes
I provided documentations, budget guideline and trainings for artists

Level Profiling

Responsible for optimizing and profiling new levels, this include CPU and GPU profiling to ensure target frames are hit at low spec machines. Communicating with artist and level designers when adjustments are needed.


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